Vertical Farming?

Vertical Farming?


What the heck is ‘vertical farming?’  Well, it is exactly what it sounds like.  The term has come around in our modern day due to the increased demand for food for the endlessly growing population of humans.  Urban greenhouses are sprouting up in cities all around the globe, where humans hungry for fresh, locally grown produce can find it without travelling to the country. Rooftops, balconies, and even whole floors of urban structures can be utilized and converted into urban greenhouses. The days of trucking fresh, local produce in from the rural farms might come to an end sometime in the future of our species.  In the meantime, with the growing problem of feeding the world population, there is hope for a sustainable farming practice to provide sustenance to the burgeoning human population.

One company, AeroFarms, based in Newark, NJ, promotes their “aeroponics” technology as a highly sustainable urban farm practice (AeroFarms LLC, 2014).  According to their website, AeroFarms’s aeroponic technology is capable of consuming less than 95% of the water used in traditional farming practices, and less than 3% of the land (AeroFarms LLC, 2014).  These are amazing numbers, especially considering the imminent challenge to feeding the world population.

The verdict is still out on the sustainability facts.  Some scientists are concerned that the use of indoor lighting might not be as sustainable practice as we hope.  And, of course, this concept is still a work in progress.

More to come later…..


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