Stained Glass Window = Solar Panel

Thinking about going solar but don’t like the look of solar panels mounted on your rooftop? You can now go solar by using these beautiful stained glass windows that pull double duty as solar panels.  What?  This gorgeous stained glass window was designed by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel in her project, Current Window.


Current Window is not alone either.  A cathedral in Saskaton, Saskatechewan installed stained glass windows that contained solar panels connected to the local electric grid.


How do they work?  Sunlight activates a pigment through a process similar to photosynthesis.  The University of Michigan has created panels that can provide roughly 10% efficiency, which is considered high within this particular field of solar panel research. Their Stars and Stripes panel attains 2% efficiency.


Solar energy is the most abundant resource we have, and harnessing it is becoming ever more important.  These innovations offer much promise in the clean energy industry.

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