I Finished



Well, I did it.  I completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Northeastern University over this past weekend.  My last day of class was Saturday, June 27, 2015.  I finished.  That statement alone is so chock full of good stuff.  It holds within its two words the multitudes of I can’t and I’m overwhelmed and How will I ever finish this?

Some who are close to me know the meaning behind my thoughts today.  I can say with fair certainty that I almost never finish anything.  I started college three times.  THREE (3) times.  One of those times, I started on a journey to earn a certificate in Massage Therapy, only to withdraw with one term left to go (a huge regret, but another story).  I have attempted pursuit of several degrees—one time I was planning to be a chemical engineer; one time I was going to be a nuclear researcher; one time I was going to be a math teacher; one time I was going to be a massage therapist.  Now I am an Environmental Scientist.  Well, I earned a degree in the field, anyway, so I am calling myself an Environmental Scientist.  I earned it.

There have been very few finishes for my many starts in life.  I used to think of myself as one who “never finishes anything.”  I don’t say or think that anymore.  In fact, I have learned some things about myself that I could not identify earlier in my life.  I have become determined.  I am persistent. I am driven.  I could go on, really.  There are many more character traits that have developed in ways I did not imagine possible until I did it.

So, I finished.  I really finished something.  I have to wait for that beautiful piece of paper to arrive in the mail, but I finished. Just in case you didn’t know it yet, I finished.



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4 Responses to I Finished

  1. Joanna says:

    WAY TO GO!!!! I’m cheering so loud I bet you might even be able to hear me from my little corner of the world near the NU campus!!!!! What a fabulous accomplishment that YOU made happen! Congratulations! 🙂 – Joanna L.


    • nrdgrl71 says:

      Joanna, Thank you!!! I am tooting my own horn for a while, but I deserve it. It took me some time and a lot of work, but I finished. And I heard the cheers all the way in Las Vegas!!! 🙂


  2. Dona says:

    Awesome, Tara!! You deserve a HUGE Congratulations, you already have our love and we are very proud of your accomplishments!!!!! I love your story!!!


  3. Alex Jones says:

    Well done, it is always a challenge to finish anything that is a large project.

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