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National Clean Energy Summit 8.0

Monday, August 24, 2015.  I will have fond memories of this date for many years to come.  This was my first ever experience with the National Clean Energy Summit, which convenes annually in Las Vegas, NV.  This event is sponsored … Continue reading

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I have procured another great article for your perusal, which you can view here.   I have been researching mold over the past few weeks, and learning quite a bit. has become quite the happening spot for great mold articles … Continue reading

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   I’m up early today for the National Clean Energy Summit (NCES8).  It’s held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. I’m working with the Clean Energy Project of Nevada, passing out swag and having folks say Thank You to Senator … Continue reading

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Stressed? Do what I did.

Stress is a term that is used frequently and sometimes misused.  Sometimes it is misunderstood.  Sometimes it is good for us, other times it is unhealthy.  It helps build character at times, when we allow it, and learn from it. … Continue reading

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#BrokeCollegeStudent might be panhandling soon!

I was accepted to The Graduate School at Montana State University.  I will be earning a Master’s Degree in Land Resources & Environmental Science.  I am quite excited about this opportunity. I am now filling out endless electronic paperwork looking … Continue reading

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Shade Balls!

Leave it to Californians to deliver one of the greatest(and simplest) innovations in sustainable technologies.  Within the past week, officials have released over 96 million black plastic balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir. What for? These roughly 4-inch diameter black … Continue reading

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More on mold….

After taking a few days off, I have some more good stuff for you to read.  You will have to follow the link, however.  I am still researching mold, and finding lots of great facts and helpful information.  Here is … Continue reading

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Holy moldy!

This week I started doing some research on MOLD.  There are some truly informative websites available, and the research is going quite well. Click here to read a little bit about the most common types of mold.  Enjoy.  More to come….

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Sexist thermostats?

Any woman who has ever worked in an office might agree that the comfort level is not always what we would prefer.  It turns out, to the dismay of many office workers, that the thermostat might actually be sexist.  Yes. … Continue reading

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busy, busy, busy…

I have been quite busy today.  I accepted a small writing contract today, and I am quite excited about it!  It feels good to see that things are starting to come together with the “writing career.”  It is a slow … Continue reading

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