Stressed? Do what I did.

Jasper, my ESA companion.

Jasper, my ESA companion.

Stress is a term that is used frequently and sometimes misused.  Sometimes it is misunderstood.  Sometimes it is good for us, other times it is unhealthy.  It helps build character at times, when we allow it, and learn from it.  It is a valuable teacher to us, showing us what we are really made of occasionally.

We all have stress.  And that stress varies depending on many factors.  Age, health, personal life, school, work, money… these are all areas where we feel stress, and these areas sometimes offer circumstances that cause us more stress than we would prefer.

Mine is not too bad right now.  Aside from feeling under the weather due to menopausal symptoms, my biggest stressor right now comes from worrying if I will afford grad school this semester, or if I will have to wait.  That’s not too bad for stress.

So, what am I doing to manage this stress?  Well, I adopted a pet from the NSPCA yesterday.  I think this is a great opportunity for me give back to the community and help out a fellow earthling who needed a home. Plus, he is just what I needed–such a sweet little guy who calms my anxiety just by being with me.  Obviously, adopting a pet has very little to do with financial aid for graduate school, but he makes me smile and worry  a little bit less.

Oh, and there are all the electronic forms my hands are aching from filling out lately.  I heard from the program manager at the university this morning, so it looks like I may find some funds.  Waiting to find out now…..

…..trying not to stress out.

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