New Pages


The title means much more than it says.  This year marks many new and exciting pages added to our life adventure.  Career changes and educational goals are among the items getting upgrades this year.



After completing my degree last year, I began looking at my own career change opportunities.  I applied for a position with IDEXX, and with the Clark County School District.  In the meantime, I have been quite busy working with the Training Team for our new LIMS as we roll it out to all IDEXX labs in the United States this year.  My love of teaching/training has been rekindled and I am now on a path that includes more education for me and my future students.

Northeastern University sent me a letter not too long ago, inviting me to return as a graduate student.  This letter came at just the right time, as I was considering what my plans were going to be for the upcoming school year.  I explored the program offerings, and selected the M.Ed., eLearning & Instructional Design program.  I am excited about the endless opportunities ahead of me…..

I have no segway for my next item:

I am thinking about adding more pages to this blog.  I keep thinking of great things to write about lately, but they are usually food or health related, and not necessarily scienctific in content.  Since I don’t write these right away, I have been forgetting them.  Bummer, I know.  Don’t be surprised if recipes start showing up somewhere around here. Our family has made drastic changes in our dining lifestyle, and we have reaped great rewards as a result.  I am starting to think I will enjoy sharing these ideas.


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