Science is Sad and so am I

I am sad today, as are many of us, especially those in the scientific community.  I almost felt like the world came to an end when I first read those fateful words this morning.  I cried a little too, on the inside anyway.  So, what do we do now?  Am I going to lose my rights as a woman? as a married lesbian? as a freethinking non-religious human? Probably not, but I am, nevertheless, afraid and sad. What am I going to do?


I, for one, am proceeding forward with my best efforts to complete my studies and look for my next rewarding career adventure.  This week I must finish the final draft of the Educational Narrative I am writing for one class.  (plus more project work in my other class, too).  I wonder if my narrative will evolve now that my future, and the future of all women, may threatened with hard times ahead. We will see.

I know one more thing, too.  I am not going to sit still.  My voice will be heard.  My vote will still count, and has already.  I will give more support to charities and orgaennizations working hard on my behalf.  This is what I can do.  This is what anyone can do.   I will speak up when I witness racism, sexism and any other form of hatred toward my fellow human.  I will continue to push for equitable opportunities for EVERYONE.

Every human deserves dignity and respect.  I will give it.


Will you?

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