Narrative, narratives


I like this word.  I am using it a lot lately, especially in my studies.  I have learned there is more to the word than meets the eye, too.

A narrative can be so much more than just a story.  It can be that, but can be an entire cultural concept or a legal idea.

What we do with the everyday facets of our lives becomes our own narrative. I am finalizing my Education Narrative for one of my core graduate courses in the M.Ed. program.  As I work on this paper, I realize more and more how true this is.  Reflecting on some of the experiences of my former days is such an eye-opening affair. I am especially troubled, however, by the knowledge that some things were not fair back then, and I can put a name to this unfairness now.

I am learning so much during my first several weeks of graduate education.  This was the right choice for me to make.  This is the right path for me to follow.  And my narrative is evolving.  This should be so for all of us, if only we all took the time to absorb the lessons around us.

Maybe we should all consider examining our own narrative.  Self-reflection can be a great learning tool.

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