Welcome to my nerdy world.


I am here to practice my writing skills.  I am not a journalism student, but I did take one course a long time ago.  I am a student of the Environment, however. I completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Northeastern University last summer.  I enrolled in a Master’s program at Montana State University, but later decided to take a break for a while.

I am now working on getting back into the swing of school and writing, and lots of other fun stuff. I am now enrolled in another Master’s program, but this time at the school at which I originally wanted to learn, Northeastern University.  I am enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Education program, and its focus is eLearning and Instructional Design. I am, needless-to-say, quite excited about beginning this chapter in my adventure.

My plans are to promote sustainability through everything I do and write.  You will see posts on just about anything, as I love all the sciences and nature.  I hope that you enjoy reading the posts here, and feel free to comment.



Me and Beetle at the Mirage, Las Vegas

Me and Beetle at the Mirage, Las Vegas



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