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Is desalination of sea water the correct method to address California’s drought?

Recently it was announced that a new desalination plant located in Carlsbad will begin operating in the fall, and the company plans to build another plant in Huntington Beach.  The idea of desalination of sea water seems like a good … Continue reading

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Bladeless Wind Turbines?

Bladeless wind turbines? Wind is already known as a renewable energy source, and is being harnessed all over the world by windmills on farms and on wind farms (how do you like the play on words there?).  The process has … Continue reading

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Tamarisk – Make it Go Away!

I was doing a little research for my wetlands class when I was struck with an idea.  I am going to officially join the battle against an invasive species that threatens the natives and future generations.  To what am I … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide surpasses 400 PPM

Carbon dioxide concentrations have officially surpassed the 400 ppm benchmark.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported on Wednesday the current atmospheric situation regarding the concentration of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (NOAA, 2015).  For the first time in … Continue reading

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