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Swallowing hard pills…

My attempts at remaining positive and hopeful, as opposed to cynical, are becoming increasingly more difficult.  I am human.  I grow weary, exhausted even, when my expressed aspirations fall on ears and eyes of the willfully deaf and blind.  I … Continue reading

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Science is Sad and so am I

I am sad today, as are many of us, especially those in the scientific community.  I almost felt like the world came to an end when I first read those fateful words this morning.  I cried a little too, on … Continue reading

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Food Insecurity in Families with School-aged Children

  I am working on a project for one of my classes.  The theme is an examination of food insecurity and the effects on learning.  I have been researching already, and have found excellent sources.  I would like to find … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I am really excited about all the things I am already learning, and this is only the 3rd week of graduate school.  I finally feel like I found the path I should be on, education-regardless of industry. … Continue reading

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To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question…..

We all can agree that sleep is important to our overall health.  We have learned through countless medical and scientific studies how sleep, or the lack thereof, affects us physically and emotionally.  Some have even studied how sleep affects memory.  … Continue reading

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Even us old folks can graduate college…

If I can do it, anyone can do it! So, today is the hooding ceremony for 2015 graduates of Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies, with the graduation ceremony being held tomorrow.  I am one of those graduates, but I … Continue reading

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