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We eat plants, and we like them cheap

Across the Southwest, there exists a chain of 99 Cents Only stores (http://99only.com).  Most items are $0.99, or close to it.  Some of these locations sell fresh produce, while all of them sell inexpensive food items, some even well-known name … Continue reading

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Gardening — It does a body good

I have always had a fondness for gardening.  My fondness, however, has not always meant that I have had a green thumb.  Nor has it meant that I have had time and space for gardening.  There have been times when … Continue reading

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Two (make that 3 so far) earthquakes so far in Nevada today….

I did not feel them, but they happened.  And they happened not far from Las Vegas! At 11:47 PST, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck about 24 miles south of Caliente, NV.  A few minutes later, at 12:05, another struck at … Continue reading

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Tamarisk – Make it Go Away!

I was doing a little research for my wetlands class when I was struck with an idea.  I am going to officially join the battle against an invasive species that threatens the natives and future generations.  To what am I … Continue reading

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Vertical Farming?

Vertical Farming? What the heck is ‘vertical farming?’  Well, it is exactly what it sounds like.  The term has come around in our modern day due to the increased demand for food for the endlessly growing population of humans.  Urban … Continue reading

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Topic Selection for Wetlands Research Project

I am actually looking forward to another research project.  For my Wetlands course, I must decide on a topic for a 10 page final research project.  Since I am now volunteering at the Clark County Wetlands Park, I obviously should … Continue reading

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My first official nature walk with the Wetlands Park

My Saturday morning adventure at the Wetlands Park began at a trailhead at the Old Silverbowl Park, which is right behind Sam Boyd Stadium.  The Clark County Wetlands Park offers many programs such as the “Java Jaunt”–which is an early … Continue reading

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Clean Drinking Water

Clean Drinking Water A Discussion of the Water Treatment Process A typical day in a typical American household will see several trips to the kitchen sink for a glass of water, a pot of water to cook with, water to … Continue reading

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